Friday, March 25, 2011

The 45 Show Opens at Twenty Miles East Gallery. Pomona, California April 9, 2011

Ginger Van Hook exhibits a sculpture
which she and her husband Luke Van Hook created for  The 45 Show
Opening at Twenty Miles East in Pomona, California.
Photo by John Lee April 4, 2011
Ginger and Luke Van Hook collaboration sculpture.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011 

Ginger Van Hook

I called Ginger and introduced myself, she was expecting my call for an interview. Ginger's excitement was apparent. I asked her, "How is your art for The45Show coming along?". Without missing a beat Ginger verbally painted a picture of her sculpture and the vision that she saw. My imagination was running wild, as if I were a child listening to a bedtime story. It sounded so real that I could see it as clear as her vision of the possibility. The beauty is that her excitement has me excited to see the final work. 

My curiosity was piqued, "What has you so excited about this show?", I asked Ginger. "I was a disc jockey for 15 years! Records represent a time in my life when I was enriched by music", she answered. 

In college Ginger worked at KSCR, a radio station run by USC students. After graduating she worked at KBIG in promotions and got her first job as an overnight DJ in Santa Barbara for KLTE. Ginger went on to work at radio stations in Reno and Gardnerville, Nevada as well. Over those 15 years she played a variety of music, from rock, pop, top 40 to country. 

One day she got 2 requests that would change her life forever. The first was for a song. The second, was that same person requesting to get to know her better. They went out for a few years and ended up getting married, moving back to So Cal and became artists together. One, a painter, the other a photographer/writer. 

Music has brought so much love to her and her husband Luke's life, that they chose to collaborate on a piece. The good news is, we are only a short time away from seeing what love for music, people and art can create.

by Robert Rodriguez

OREOS! Artwork by Luke Van Hook created for The 45 Show featuring
recycled 45 records and recycled plastic bags.
Photo by Ginger  Van Hook©2011 

John Lee opens his Gallery Twenty Miles East
to 45 Artists showing work featuring recycled 45 records for
THE 45 SHOW opening at Twenty Miles East in Pomona on April 9, 2011.
Photos by Ginger Van Hook 

Fine  Art Trekkin' through the city of Pomona, Ginger and Luke Van Hook find an art oasis all its own, palm trees included, 20 miles east --right outside of Los Angeles and now invite all our friends to celebrate an era of 45 records and vinyl 78 albums and good ole' DJ Times  at
Twenty Miles East Photo Studio

Twenty Miles East Gallery
558-A West Second Street,
Pomona, California 91767
 (909) 242-1072

Made possible by the generous efforts of:

Saturday, April 9
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Art meets vinyl in this showcase of 45 artists. Some Southern California's finest artist will show in this cooperative of multi-media arts all containing 45s (vinyl records). Be here for the show... stay for the after party.

Saturday, April 9, 2011 
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
To celebrate the opening, they have invited 300 photographers to come out and experience the new studio. In order to enhance the experience for the local photographers, two professional modeling agencies will be in attendance with their models
After a delightful interview and conversation with the DJ Robert Rodriguez
I discovered that one day in 2010, Robert met the Inglewood artist Michael Massenburg at the Beacon Arts Building while attending the Inglewood Open Studios Exhibition. Michael Massenburg then went for a studio visit to see Robert's studio and witnessed the amassed collection of albums and 45 records that Rodriguez had. VISIT
After an enlightened conversation that Robert had with Michael,
 the 45 SHOW was conceived and Robert donated a large quantity 
of vinyl albums to 45 artists to create a work of art for the 45 SHOW opening on April 9th. 
Robert Rodriguez had a vision to give new life to the albums and 45's of the legendary artists that had given him so much musical pleasure and artistic direction in his youth.

Ginger and Luke Van Hook received a few of these 45's and 78's pictured above and began painting production on an original sculpture that Luke had made in 2001. Recycling the basic structure, Ginger is now immersed in re-focusing the art piece pictured above from the striving for lotto tickets to a renewed focus: STRIVING FOR A NOBLE installation piece which will include a gold record hanging from the ceiling. As artists, 2011 is a good year for re-focusing our energies away from the pursuit of money to loftier pursuits in the arts such as finding a noble cause. 
For musicians this noble cause has often been to make a "Gold Album". 
For all artists, the motivation to make a noble work of art is as different as each artist's personality. 
As for me, I want to give back a little inspiration from my treasured youth
 as a Radio Disk Jockey, On-Air Personality and Mobile Music DJ. 
The life of vinyl records gives me joy, inspiration and fond memories. 
The first album I purchased at about age 12
was Creedence Clearwater Revival  "Lookin' Out My Back Door".

Before I became an artist/photographer/writer, I started in college radio 
at the student radio station in USC (KSCR), Los Angeles. 
A movie about the process of the production is available on YOU TUBE by going to the channel EnildeVanHook and looking for
A Documentary Film by Ginger Van Hook 

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